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Maintaining a healthy mouth is just as important for our pets as it is for us. Unfortunately, most pets do not brush their own teeth! A proper at-home dental hygiene plan along with timely dental cleanings is essential to keeping your pet’s teeth, gums and breath as clean as they can be.

At Preston Animal Hospital we have the capability to perform dental cleanings and advanced dental procedures using the latest dental and aesthetic technology. Because anesthesia is an area of concern for most pet owners, we examine your pet and its medical history to develop a specific anesthetic protocol. We use state-of-the-art equipment to monitor your pet under anesthesia, including its heart rate, breathing rate, ECG, oxygen saturation of the blood, carbon dioxide levels, blood pressure, and temperature. We also have a warm air-filled blanket and warm intravenous fluid line to maintain body temperature and keep your pet comfortable.

We use a human-grade, ultrasonic, piezo-electric dental scaler to clean teeth thoroughly and efficiently. The various ultrasonic tools allow for removal of large amounts of tartar as well as more delicate cleaning below the gum margin.

We utilize cutting-edge digital dental radiography to better visualize both the crown and the root(s) of the tooth. This allows us to better assess overall oral health and more accurately identify diseased teeth.

We try and keep as many teeth in your pet’s mouth as possible. However, we do occasionally find teeth that are beyond repair. Our doctors possess the skills necessary to perform surgical extractions that result in less trauma and faster healing. We then close the tooth socket with absorbable sutures. We also use local anesthetic blocks to reduce pain and allow us to keep our general anesthesia level as low as possible during extractions.

Working together, we can ensure that your pet has the cleanest, healthiest mouth possible.

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