In-House Lab

In-house Laboratory Services: we offer a full array of laboratory services that can assist in maintaining the health of your pet.  Our in-house services include:

  • Heartworm tests to insure your pet is free from this insidious parasite;
  • Ear cytologyto check your pet’s ears for signs of inflammation and infection;
  • Cytology of masses and skinto evaluate the nature of any lumps or skin surface changes that might arise on your pet;
  • Fecal examinationto help insure your pet remains free from intestinal parasites;
  • Bloodworkto evaluate the function of certain internal organs such as the liver and kidneys;
  • Urinalysis to help determine the cause of any changes in your pet’s thirst or urination habits;
  • Feline Leukemia Virusand Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV) tests to insure your cat does not have these serious infectious diseases; and
  • Parvovirustests to help assess the underlying cause of diarrhea in puppies.